Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review & Special Bonus

Product Name: Inbox Blueprint 2.0
Creator: Anik Singal
Price: $1,200 (Lifetime Access)
Rating: 5 Stars
Bonuses: Yes
My Opinion: 100% Recommended

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Inbox Blueprint Background (10,000 Copies Sold)

Yeah, that’s true. Inbox Blueprint 1.0 was launched back in January 2014 and it hit the marketplace like a tornado. It not only sold over 10,000 copies and made tons of cash but also revolutionized the lives of thousands of students across the globe.

Without an atom of doubt, it was a massive success. Anik Singal (the product creator) puts everyone in the win-win situation, it doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate or a student, you’ll be given tremendous value.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 teaches you to build a rock-solid online business with the powerful weapon of email marketing. The more emails you collect, the bigger the profits.

In the marketing world, 1 email is equal to $1. So, you can easily do the math of 100,000 subscribers. Yes, that means you can make $100,000 PER MONTH. That’s the power.


What’s Included in Inbox Blueprint 2.0?


It’s the year 2016. No, that’s not the good news. Anik has decided to relaunch this amazing training course packed with profitable & life-changing FRESH features.

That’s something to be excited about! That means, you will get access to LIVE Training webinars direct from Anik Singal himself twice a month. Whoa!

You will simply love the new training provided inside the training program and the new special bonuses that have been added, exclusively for you.

The ultimate purpose behind Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is to prepare the students to battle in the war of marketing, with the right tools and the right direction.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is equipped with an exclusive Member’s Only Forum and an unbelievable software known as  LaunchPad that is the backbone of the entire system and dead-simple to use.

The software is so easy to use that even a Gorilla can build an opt-in page. That doesn’t mean you’re a gorilla, though.  😛

Within just few clicks, you will be able to create your very own professional Squeeze Page and other cool marketing things to boost your business to the next level.

Hold my hand tight as we are going to ride a vehicle that moves with the speed of light called Inbox Blueprint 2.0!

Let me roll up my sleeves. Okay.


Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review – Every Nook & Detail

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is dissected into 8 powerful sections, coaching you step-by-step to build an online empire that will thrill everyone to the bits.

This well built training course is recommended for anyone that is not ready to waste countless hours, even years figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

I can guarantee one thing: if you stick with this SINGLE training program on Earth, apply the methods and strategies discussed inside, work with passion & patience – success is yours.

Otherwise, kill me. I will email you my home address.


These are the 8 steps to $10K/month (or more):

  1. Addiction Meter
  2. The Bait
  3. TYP Method
  4. Email Machine
  5. List Relationship
  6. Payday Secrets
  7. Easy Traffic
  8. Unlimited Success

And I’m going to discuss each one in detail. Let’s kick it off.


Step #1: The Addiction Meter

addiction meter

This first step is the lifeblood of the entire training course, just like a pillar. Selecting the right niche will be the most determining factor between your success and failure.

Anik will coach you in picking the right and profitable niche to start your Email Marketing business. I call it the “Headshot Method” because Anik hits the nail right on the head.

There are dozens of profitable niches available to choose from – Weight Loss industry, Make Money Online (MMO), Financial niche, eCommerce, Gaming, Health, Beauty products etc.

Going in a niche that is not profitable will squeeze away your hard-earned money with no return on investment.

To combat this challenge, Addiction Meter is packed with the things you really need to KNOW.


11 lessons are included in this 1st step. You will learn:

addiction meter

  • Picking the Right Niche some important indicators & criteria to select the right niche from Anik’s years of experience.
  • Money Making Niches – the most hottest & profitable niches are discussed which can make you the most money.
  • Niches in LaunchPad – using the built-in marketing software of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 that has diverse options in selecting niches.
  • Dozens of Ideas for Niches – loads of cool ideas for niches are shared in this lesson.
  • Einstein’s Research – I call it that because many methods are included to conduct solid research.
    • Finding niches on
    • Finding niches on
    • Finding niches on
    • Finding niches on
    • Finding niches on
  • Drill Exercises – pick the niche using the formulas provided & trigger the LaunchPad software if you plan to use it in this exercise.

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Step #2: The Bait

step 2

In this practical step, Inbox Blueprint 2.0 has started to build some momentum. As you have picked the right niche, now is the right time to build your email list.

To do that, you’ve to create an Opt-in Page (other names: Landing Page, Squeeze Page, Capture Page) to get the wheel rolling.

All the marketing details are covered in this step. You will learn what to include in an Opt-in Page, what to avoid and other important elements in order to build a PERFECT Squeeze Page.

“The Bait” is developed for you to master the art of Opt-in Pages. Effective Opt-in Pages give away something valuable for FREE in exchange of an email address. It can be a book in your niche, PDF small guide, small bonus etc.

Some good examples of Opt-in Pages:




Notice how these Opt-in Pages are interacting with the user and giving away something valuable free of cost. These types of Capture Pages tend to have higher conversion rates (more email subscribers).

All in all, you will be equipped with these things in this second step:

  • Opt-in Pages – understanding the core concepts of an Opt-in Page completely.
  • Design – the general layout of an Opt-in Page that converts insanely using these special instructions provided inside.
  • Copywriting – understanding your audience and writing accordingly is an art. Learn what to write on your Opt-in Page to capture red-hot leads.
  • Data Collection – what exact data you need from your lead. Generally, you don’t need their car registration.  😆
  • Setup Process – learn how to setup your very own Opt-in Page in a blink of an eye.
  • Different Opt-in Pages – understand the difference between a Single vs Double Opt-in Page
  • Giving Value – the importance of giving value in exchange of an email address is clearly described.
  • PDF Gift – learn how to create a killer PDF special gift to capture leads like Hercules!
  • Drill Exercise – create your own Opt-in Page to get your hands dirty.


Step #3: TYP Method

step 3

image credits: Allan Ngo

“Thank You” page has stood the test of time and when used correctly, it delivers astonishing results but few marketers use this extra advantage.

In Step 3, Anik is going to teach you to build a thrilling Thank You page that can instantly start making profits for you. It is comprised of 9 lessons.

By setting up a error-free Thank You page, 5 students that Anik taught were able to make their first $1K in a single night. Imagine the power of this amazing TYP Method!

Some good examples of Thank You pages:

Orbit-Media-Thank-You-Page-Example-CROP2rsz_copyhackers_ty_page Square

In this step, you will be able to master:

  • Anik’s Secret Sauce – the guy has years of experience honestly. He’s going to unveil his secret strategy of Thank You page. Absorb it as quickly as you can!
  • Thank You Page Strategy – understand the strategy of Thank You page and additional details.
  • Earnings Potential – uncover the hidden earnings potential of The TYP method in this module.
  • Choosing an Offer – learn how to choose a compelling offer that will positively convert on the Thank You page.
  • Using LaunchPad – with the help of this killer deep-rooted marketing software, you’ll be able to create a striking TYP Strategy in just few minutes.
  • Delivering the Gift – know the right time to deliver the special gift and tools to send it.
  • Drill Exercises – time to roll up your sleeves. Select your offer and use the LaunchPad to activate your very own TYP strategy.

Step #4: Email Machine

Autoresponders save us a lot of hassle work. If you have to send 1 email promoting your offer, that doesn’t sound much hard work. But what about 1,000 emails in a day? Or even 10,000?

This is where Autoresponders step in. You just create a series of emails and they will automatically be delivered at your described days.

You can spend a morning writing emails that will be valid for a complete month and divide it on 30 days. Your subscribers will receive 1 email per day. 98% of your things become automated.

In Step 4, Anik shares three of the most amazing world-class Autoresponders. They are:




AWeber (I personally use this)






So basically, this step mainly focuses on automating your Email Marketing business so you don’t have to do unnecessary labor work.

In this action-packed training, Anik will discuss important statistics so you know what exactly is going on.

It is essential to be aware of how many subscribers are opening your emails and how many of them are marking your emails as spam. These all numbers are thoroughly discussed.

To sum it up, these are the crucial components which you will be learning:

  • Autoresponders – introduction on the inner working and other core concepts.
  • Sendlane – activate your free account on Sandlane and start sending emails without any delays.
  • Email Differences – understand the difference between Automated Messages and Broadcasting.
  • Click Tracking – learn how to track your links being clicked that you send in your email messages with additional tracking data.
  • Drill Exercises – now is your turn to set up your Autoresponder and brand-new Click Tracker!

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Step #5: List Relationship

step 5

Now you have subscribers jumping in daily. Your email list is growing relentlessly. It’s so fast that even Eminem can’t rap it.

What now?

TRUST is the next step. You have to build trust with your leads and turn them into supporters, customers, believers or whatever you call it.

How to build trust? This is exactly what Anik is going to train you in Step 5. From writing compelling email subject lines to the contents inside the email, it’s all neatly covered.

When you give away valuable things to your subscribers (PDFs, case studies, guides etc.), a lamp of trust begins to light up. And when you keep that momentum going, a healthy relationship is built.

When you are sending an email, make sure it’s something that your subscribers will enjoy. Just like when a friend invites you at their home for dinner, it’s good etiquette to bring something with you.


Some key elements covered in Step 5 are:

  • Emails – learn how to write praiseworthy emails to your subscribers and understand the right time of sending email messages.
  • 3 Rules – discover the 3 amazing rules of Email Marketing strategy in this module that are crucial to your success.
  • Lifeline – going too aggressive with promotion can annoy your subscribers. Uncover how many products to promote in a single month.
  • Promotions –  explore various types of promotions (low, medium or high ticket).
  • Writing – master the art of writing a great email in this lesson.
  • Subject Line – it is the most crucial ingredient of an email as this will decide whether your subscriber will open and read your message or not.
  • Content Emails – promoting products through content emails is a clever technique that Anik will teach you in this exclusive lesson.
  • Relationship – building relationship with your leads will ultimately strengthen your trust.
  • Followup Emails – following your email list by sending them latest promotional offers will keep them up-to-dated with your products.
  • Email Series – as I discussed earlier, create an email series (minimum 10 days) and let the Autoresponder do the dirty job for you.
  • Testing – it is very important to test your email prior to sending because you have to make sure it’s not going in the spam folder or considered as a promotion.
  • Drill Exercises – time to get your hands in the mud! Get your email messages ready using LaunchPad software.

Step #6: Payday Secrets

This powerful harpoon #6 is entirely dedicated to MAKING MONEY with various techniques. That sounds yummy.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 covers the methods of monetizing your business with step-by-step instructions on making big commissions via Affiliate Marketing (selling other people’s products). That doesn’t mean you’ve to sell underwear.  😀

The methods shared in here are resilient and tough! They are PROVEN to convert and GUARANTEED to work and make you some big money.

These are some of the money making characteristics:

  • First Things First – overview of some monetization methods and a basic introduction.
  • Blueprint – strategies, tactics and plan of action are thoroughly analyzed to boost your earnings along with some discussion of important statistics.
  • Authority – building your authority by providing valuable content and making money by promoting products is the short summary of Inbox Blueprint 2.0.
  • Affiliate Marketing – learn how to promote other people’s products and join different affiliate programs. This is by far the best and most used monetization method.
  • Launch Jacking – uncover how to promote upcoming products (that are not yet released) in the marketplace and make serious commissions.
  • Events – networking with entrepreneurs and like-minded people is a big bonus. Learn how to promote products in networking events.
  • Webinars – become an absolute pro at handling webinars and selling products through it. I have seen it. It is more effective than you and I can ever imagine.
  • Special Bonuses – dominate your competition. Offer so great special bonuses that they cannot refuse. Reminds me of The Godfather movie by the way.
  • Products – if you are the creator then  you can sell your own product to make big cash that will be hard for your pockets.


Step #7: Easy Traffic


Let’s suppose you’re hosting the FIFA World Cup in Camp Nou (Europe’s largest stadium). The players are sweating with excitement and everything is ready to swing…

…but what if no one arrives at the stadium? Like zero audience? Your efforts become worthless.

That’s the exact case in marketing world, if you do not have traffic, if you do not have audience lined up then you’re not going to make a buck.

So in Step 7, the most critical and jaw-dropping phase of this entire course, various methods of traffic are discussed in here.

From free traffic sources to paid advertising, Anik’s got it all covered for you! These are some of the free & paid traffic methods discussed:

  • Traffic – a quick look to completely grasp the concept of this important term.
  • Decision – you have to pick one thing, either invest your time or your hard-earned money, this lesson will help you in taking a firm decision.
  • Guest Blogging (Free) – it isn’t dead. And it never will. If done right, you can scale up your online empire by generating hundreds of red-hot leads from this SINGLE method.
  • Discussion Groups (Free) – forums and discussion groups can bring you highly-targeted traffic. This robust method is also shared.
  • Blogs (Free) – finding relevant blogs in your niche and doing blog commenting can prove to be very useful and an excellent source of traffic.
  • Yahoo! Answers (Free) – find relevant questions in your niche and be quick in providing a good solution, it’s also a great route of traffic.
  • Solo Ad Swaps – another free method to generate reliable traffic.
  • Facebook Ads (Paid) – you can bring traffic to your opt-in page by publishing ads on this powerful social channel. Specific targeting will only bring you the people you actually need.
  • Solo Ads (Paid) – the traffic from this advertising service is simply brilliant. Most of the users are from Canada and United States. This ad service is known among many network marketers.
  • Google (Paid) – using the advertising program of this popular search engine, you can generate highly targeted traffic direct to your opt-in page to get hot leads and big sales.


Step #8: Unlimited Success


The last step! After everything is done and the gun magazine is fully loaded, all you have to do is to just pull the trigger.

In this decisive step, you will be trained to write irresistible headlines for your email subscribers and scan the condition of your emails (important statistics like click-through rate, deliver-ability, open rates etc.).

Ultimately, it’s all about your success. You will be learning these wonderful things in the final step:

  • Metrics – you will be taught the important metrics to monitor in the first lesson of this step.
  • Fancy Templates – learn whether or not the fancy templates make a difference in the marketing world.
  • Boosting Numbers – increase your email open & deliverability rates by using the strategies provided in this lesson.
  • Communication – skyrocket your important marketing numbers/statistics by effective copywriting in emails.
  • Alternates – when nothing else is working, don’t be depressed. Instead, watch this lesson!


Yee-haw! I have covered the 8 powerful steps to making $10,000/month (or EVEN more). Wait…are you sleeping? WAKE UP! Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is providing outstanding bonuses for FREE.

And trust me, these are simply gold nuggets.

Bonus #1: Lurn Masters Club

  • Get exclusive access to Anik’s live training twice a month for 1 whole year
  • Become a private member of the highly active community
  • Special assistance from industry experts, successful marketers and dozens and dozens of success stories to keep you thrilled and pumped
  • VIP Coaching Access to get your questions answered LIVE on their special coaching calls

Bonus #2: Traffic Academy

  • With the special strategies and instructions provided, become a Super Affiliate with free and paid advertising.
  • Grow your email list without any barriers or limits by using Anik’s special methods.

Bonus #3: 6 Week Fast Start Program (OTS)

  • OTS (Over the Shoulder) is very helpful, as you can see the trainers build their first 1,000 email subscribers step by step so you can simply copy paste them.
  • Your primary goal is to capture 1,000 leads after watching this quick start program.

Bonus #4: List Academy

  • This is an advanced level bonus course which you should take when you are ready to grow your Email Marketing business.
  • List Academy focuses on the advanced strategies to grow your business by effective communication with your subscribers.

Bonus #5: Cash $500+ in FREE Traffic

  • Get up to $500 in cash bonus to get free traffic from Clickonomy.


Am I missing something? Let me think….OH YEAH!

LaunchPad Software

I’ve spoke several times of this amazing marketing software in the review. You might be wondering what actually it does.

Basically, it’s a “done-for-you” software that allows you to create complete sales funnel in a couple of clicks.

Have a look at this quick demo video by Dave Lovelace, Director of Education at Lurn, Inc. He quickly shows the LaunchPad software and its basic functionalities.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Member’s Only Forum

This is absolutely fantastic. Why? Because you can share your progress with other community members and like-minded people, ask questions, clear your confusions and stay motivated.

You have to become a member of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 to gain access to this top-quality forum. Connect with Anik, other team members and coaches all across the globe.

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